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Our company Friedrich G. Frommann GmbH & Co. KG was established in 1932 and named after its founder in southern Hamburg.

During the early days, our company took over the operation of the two barges “Shell 5” and “Shell 8”.

With these above mentioned barges, we supplied the German shipowners with Marine Gasoil and Shell lubricants during their calls in the harbor of Hamburg and on the lower Elbe.

Our main area of business at that time however was delivering coal, paraffin, Buna and other tar products. These products were delivered to the ample territories of Harburg by horse wagons.

During the post WW II years, it demanded great skills from our founder, strongly assisted by his wife, Alice Frommann, to position our company for the market’s numerous new challenges.

Several hackneys were bought for the deliveries made to Harburgs landowners; at the same time the requirements for our barges increased. Our long-standing customer, mainly owning coasters at that time, demanded to be supplied with other goods like cleaning rags, newspapers, bread rolls etc. on top of fuels and lubricants. Ever since our company was founded, we have considered ourselves a service provider to our customers with the aim to fulfill all of your demands.

To position ourselves for the ever increasing challenges of the maritime industry, we placed a new build order for the barge „TMS Seeve“ in 1965.








The „TMS Seeve“ received assistance with gasoil and lubricants deliveries through the acquisition of „TMS Aue“ in 1972.

Winds of change then saw more and more seagoing vessels being equipped to burn heavy fuel oil. To be able to still supply these vessel as well as long-term customers we needed to modernize our fleet. In 1996 the barge “Seeve” was built in the Czech Republic and equipped with state-of-the-art technology in Hamburg. After extending its capacity to 600 mts, this barge still is in our company‘s service to deliver heavy fuel oil and gasoil to seagoing vessels.

schildBecause of the increasing size of vessels in general and an increasing number of customers our fleet was complemented by two seagoing barges, „Kösterberg“ and „Süllberg“, in 2006 and 2007.

Nowadays we supply vessel all around northern Europe by means of our own tonnage and have specialized in delivering heavy fuel oil, gasoil and marine lubricants.

Another business sector of our company is worldwide brokerage and trading of marine fuels and lubricants. Far beyond the German borders we use our excellent relationship to local suppliers all around the world, to provide our customers with the outstanding service of Friedrich G. Frommann GmbH & Co. KG.