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Marine Fuels    
Our company, Friedrich G. Frommann GmbH & Co. KG, has been known far beyond the German border as a supplier for high quality marine fuels ever since it has been founded. By having long-term relationships to well-known, leading concerns and refineries, we can offer marine fuels according to ISO-specifications to our customers.
By maintaining a constantly modernized fleet of own barges, we do provide products finished and blended according to our customer’s requirements via a computer aided blend program.
Our crews as well as the flawless condition of our fleet are constantly monitored and vetted by external quality inspectors to ensure smooth deliveries in accordance to highest quality and safety standards.
Our barges deliver where you need them!



The main service areas of our fleet are:

point Hamburg
point Stade
point Brunsbuttel
point Cuxhaven
point Kiel
point Lubeck
point Bremen
point Bremerhaven
point Wilhelmshaven
point all Baltic Sea ports
point all North Sea port

It goes without saying that we service our customers 24/7 on 365 days per year!